Wiesbaden, Germany

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  • My husband and I are pcsing here in a little over a week. 1. Where is the gym(s) on post? 2. Is there a second hand store on post where people leaving germany sell their items etc.? We\'re needing a new kitchen table once we get there and are looking for something temporary and cheap. 3. How long does it generally take for the paperwork etc for housing? We were told by our sponsor that there is no waitlist but i\'m curious about the actual time frame. 4. How is the public transit shuttle system etc on post? We\'re considering staying a one car family but with both of us working I want to make sure we don\'t have any complications.

  • Posted by nikki2172 on 11/11/2011   
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  • No one responded to my questions so I thought that I would post the answers since I've figured them out in the short time we've been here. 1. There is one gym throughout the different housing areas. It is located on the WAAF. There is a shuttle bus that makes a stop right in front of it if you are interested in going before getting a car. 2. There is a thrift shop located at the Mainz-Kastel housing area. It is open on Tuesdays Thursdays and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. 3. To get put on the housing list it takes just a few minutes. We were 2nd on the wait list after arriving and it took about 2 weeks to get offered housing. After being offered housing you'll look at the apartment return the keys and if you approve of the housing you'll sign a few papers set up a date for an inspector to look at the place and set up the delivery of your goods or delivery of your temporary furniture and you're set! Until your housing is set up you'll be placed in the army lodging on post. The facilities are practically brand new and it's really nice with free laundry access a small gym and continental breakfast. 4. Upon arrival you'll be given a shuttle schedule with all the stops and times. There are about 10 stops on the route so even with the shuttle you'll find yourself walking a bit.
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