Fort Huachuca

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  • My husband is going to go to Huachuca for AIT...unfortunately I will not be on his orders as AIT is 16 weeks. I have two little boys and am trying to decide whether to move there anyway so we can be close when my husband does get passes. I was wondering if I could get some information about the Sierra Vista area and how safe it is for my situation with being so close to the Mexican Border. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Posted by HeidiC on 24/06/2012   
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  • I do not recommend living off unless you can rent in one of the few "safe" neighborhoods but I still do not recommend that. The rent and all the bills will be out of the BAH that is set for this area so it can be a bit expensive to live off post as well. I would wait it out until be gets done with AIT and gets orders to his duty station than move or you'll be moving many times in a short period of time. Hang in there! You can do this!! :O)
  • Posted on 03/09/2012    vote()

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