Cannon AFB

Base Name:  Cannon AFB, NM

Base City:  Clovis, NM

Base Operator Phone Number: 575-784-1110


Family Readiness Center/Fleet & Family Services:

-          Address: 110 Alison, Suite 2036, Cannon AFB, NM 88103

-          Phone Number: 575-784-4428

-          Website:


Cost of Living:

-          BAH/OHA: starting at $786 for E-1 without dependents and $1047 for E-1 with dependents


-          Housing Office:

o   Amount of on base houses available: NA

o   Phone Number: 575-784-7141

o   Address:  311 Eagle Claw, Bldg 1900, Cannon AFB, NM  88103

o   Website:

o   Off-base/privatized housing

-          AHRN:


 Lodging: Caprock Inn

§  Address:  401 Eagle Claw Blvd., Cannon AFB

§  Phone Number: 575-784-2918

§  Website:



-          Child Development Center

o   Cannon CDC:

§  Address:  335 DL Ingram Ave

§  Phone: 575-784-2704

o   Chavez CDC:

§  Address:  101 James F Boatwright

Phone: 575-784-6259

§  Website:

-          Military Certified Providers off-base? yes, more info: 575-784-6560


-          Elementary:  

o   Ranchvale Elementary School: Grades K-6

§  Address: 1606 SR 311, Clovis, NM 88101

§  Phone: 575-985-2277

§  Website:

§  For info on the many other Elementary schools visit:

-          Middle:  

o   W.D. Gattis Middle School: Grades

§  Address: 5100 N. Thornton St., Clovis, NM 88101

§  Phone: 575-769-4305

§  Website:  

For info on the many other Middle schools visit:

-          High School:

o   Clovis High School

§  Address: 1900 Thornton St., Clovis, NM

§  Phone:  575-769-4350

§  Website:  

§  For info on the other area High Schools visit:  


Medical Services:

-          Tricare region (West, Central, North, South): West

-          Address:  208 West D.L. Ingram Blvd., Cannon AFB, NM 88103

-          Phone Number:  575-784-2778

o   Apt Line: 575-784-2778

o   Info: 575-784-2778

-          Tricare: 575-784-6975

-          Website:  

-          Hospital on base (or clinics only): Clinic

-          For information on the nearest hospitals and ER visit:  


Things to do:

-          Water Park/Parks:  DZ Aquatic Center Pool

§  Address: 108 Cunningham Ave

§  Phone: 575-784-2910

§  Website:


-          Gym/Fitness Center:

o   Fitness & Sports Center

§  Address: 400 Air Commando Way

§  Phone: 575-784-2466

§  Website:  


-          Vet Clinic: (Off Base) Clovis Veterinary Hospital

o   Address:  2201 West 7th St, Clovis, NM 88101

o   Phone:   575-769-2249

o   Website:

-          Outdoor Rec:

o   Address: 106 W St., Cannon AFB

o   Phone: 575-784-2773

o   Website:  

-          RV/Camping Facilities and/or storage rental: Available Contact ODR


-          Bowling alley: Cannon Lanes

o   Address: 105 Albright Ave

o   Phone: 575-784-2280

o   Website:


-          Library: Cannon Library

o   Address: 107 Albright Ave

o   Phone: 575-784-2786

o   Website:  


-          Golf Course:  Whispering Winds Golf Course

o   Address:   105 Olds Drive

o   Phone:  575-784-2800

o   Website:


-          Movie Theater: FREE ADMISSION

o   Address: Community Center, 108 Cunningham Ave

o   Phone: 575-784-6381

o   Website:


-          Hobby Shop: None


-          Auto shop: Auto Skills Center

o   Address:   317 N Chindt Blvd

o   Phone: 575-784-2170

o   Website:


-          Local Attractions:

o   Hillcrest Park: Splash Park, Aquatic Center, Sports Fields and more  

o   Hillcrest Park Zoo:

o   The Eula Mae Edwards Memorial Museum & Gallery:

o   Petty Rock & Roll Museum:


For more information visit:


-          ITT office information:  Currently no ITT on Cannon AFB, for tickets and services visit:

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out of persons persons said post was helpful
Margaret says:
May 11, 2011 at 7:04 am

Been stationed here @ cannon for almost four years. You really have to work at finding events and things to do here. Once you start finding them there is plenty to do for your kids , for adults there is not much. Its got a great community college and good news its CHEAP! I love the schools my kids are in, unfortunately kids cant start kindergarten until age 5, so for preK if you can get them into Los Ninos its an amazing school. For elementary schools there are a couple if you live Off base housing you need to watch for. Just ask them if they passed the standardized testing and if not then if you don?ǨѢt mind driving your kids to school you can take them to a better school. The base itself does host many different events for family and singles. However with people in 801 housing it is a pain to drive from there all the way through Clovis to the base. Also if you know you will be stationed here, for a longer period, the houses are cheap so good time to buy.

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out of persons persons said post was helpful
Dwan says:
September 7, 2010 at 3:59 pm

going to cannon in a couple weeks look to meet new people and find a good school for my four year old!!

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