MCRD Parris Island

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Angela asks: Will be PCSing to PISC this summer will have a 9th grader 5th grader and kindergartner. Any ideas on which housing (PI or Laurel Bay) to choose and any info on what the schools r like there?? Any info would be appreciated Thanks!! :)


Jaci G. says:  PI housing is way nicer than LB.


McCall Hall G. says:  If your hubs is at MCAS then Freedom Sound on LB is good for housing..if you are on PI then PI is good but hard to get sometimes...Schools on base only go through 8th grade and then they have to go out in town...Im not sure of the high school now but I think its whale branch? Don't think its a very good school....You could always live out in town on Lady's Island they have great schools and where I would put mine if we didnt live on PI....





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