Moron, Spain

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Sharon says: Located in the countryside just outside of Moron Spain very near other towns. This is actually a Spanish installation that the American Air Force has one side of. A small installation but with basic necessities.

Great Chinese restaurant in downtown Utrera, near the fountain. (something like Nin Hao). Great pizza on Utrera, on the paseo, Conselacion. Great to take the train from Utrera to Seville! Visit Seville. It is best to take a tour first, if offered. Then, train in and walk to the cathedral, the 'castle', great places to eat. Visit at Christmas too! Watch the traffic always. Cheap and inexpensive flights throughout Europe on Ryan air. Take any day trips that are offered. Visit Olvera and the olive processing place. Eat fragata olives (and visit their processing plant in Moron if you can). Visit LaRambla for ceramics. Visit Ubrique for leather goods. Visit Rhonda for the bull ring and bridges - a favorite- and eat on the edge of the cliff at Don Miguel. Enjoy a king's cake from a local bakery. Visit Cordoba. Be sure you have plenty of gas when you travel the highways because they don't have gas stations along the way. Only very scattered. Learn a little Spanish to make it easier. Make friends with your Spanish neighbors. The quite small "NexMart" on base is stocked by the naval station commissary and Nex. Essentials can be found there, but not a wide variety. This was a favorite assignment of ours, but it will be what you make it. Enjoy!

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