NAS Key West

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Brooke Cowan says:
October 24, 2010 at 9:51 am


-spacious housing for the ?Ǩ?island life?Ǩ on base. 3bed/2bath which is HARD to find in Key West, more likely up the keys with a 20min+ drive to work. -nice small base with lots of space for kids and family activities -within 5-10 minutes of the military bases around -NEX/Commissary on base (but very small)

Cons: -old housing (with most new renovations) that are still having issues from being neglected from years of no upgrades
- roaches (no matter how clean you are)
-on un-renovated houses-old EVERYTHING; i.e. old cabinets that don?ǨѢt shut properly, old closet doors that don?ǨѢt stay in track and are dented to all get out, crank windows that get stuck, break or just don?ǨѢt open/close, no fan in living room, which gets hot as heck in the afternoon.
-not all yards fenced -15 mph is not enforced as well as it should be, and if you have kids, that?ǨѢs a concern
-old peel and stick linoleum floors through tout the house -air conditioning old in un-renovated houses, therefore houses aren?ǨѢt able to stay as cool as well ad the updated/renovated houses

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