NAS Patuxent River

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NAS Patuxent River June 2008 - October 2011 (present) Maryland USA Navy-------- NAS Patuxent River is home to the US Navy Test Pilot School. There are several test squadrons here as well. The school brings in people from a variety of countries as well as all branches of the US military. It is a hodge-podge on base! There is a large contractor/dod population on base as well.-------- Definitely check out or The shopping here is minimal. For any "real" shopping you will need to head up to Annapolis.-------- P.S. It is very small-townish.... once you've been here a year or so you will not be able to go to Target without seeing someone you know. Just keep that in mind when you are about to run out the door in your sweats! :o)-----by Betsy M. Thank you admin.

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