NAS Pt. Mugu

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Brittany E says: NAWS Pt. Mugu. CA. NAVY Been here since 2006. It's a small base and is actually combined with another nearby base CBC Port Hueneme. Together they are "Naval base Ventura County". Reason for the combining is that during base closures a few years back they decided in order to keep both these open they would combine them to save money. So there is one Captain of both bases and one Commissary and exchange...on Port Heuneme. Pt. Mugu basically has houses a gas station (without a mini mart) a self serve car wash a gym a Subway sandwich place a mini exchange (i feel the prices are higher than shopping at the grocery in town which is about 7 miles down the road) and a post office. It's on the beach which is nice but is often overcast and ocean is freezing year round. For the amount of BAH out here I would suggest living in town in Camarillo. This is a great place to be stationed. You cannot beat the weather and you will never run out of things to do. The possibilities are endless:)

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