Randolph AFB

Base Name:  Joint Base San Antonio, TX (Lackland AFB, Randolph AFB, Ft. Sam Houston)

Base City:  San Antonio, TX

Base Operator Phone Number: Ft. Sam: 210-221-1211, Lackland: 210-671-1110, Randolph: 210-652-1110


Family Readiness Center/Fleet & Family Services:

-          Phone Number: Ft. Sam: 210-221-2705, Lackland: 210-671-3722, Randolph: 210-652-5321

-          Website:     http://www.jbsa.af.mil/library/jbsafssandmwr/index.asp


Cost of Living:

-          BAH/OHA: starting at $1038 for E-1 without dependents and $1383 for E-1 with dependents


-          Housing Office:

o   Amount of on base houses available: na

o   Phone Number: Ft. Sam: 210-295-8519, Lackland: 210-671-1840, Randolph: 210-652-1840

o   Address:  Ft. Sam: 2490 Stanley Rd, Lackland: 2525 Fairchild St. Bldg 1524, Randolph: 610 Harmon Dr.

o   Website:   http://www.housing.af.mil/jointbasesanantonio/   

o   Off-base/privatized housing

-          AHRN:     https://www.ahrn.com/randolphafb.php ,  http://www.ahrn.com/fortsamhouston.php, http://www.ahrn.com/lacklandafb.php


 Lodging: Gateway Inn & Business Center

§  Address:  1750 Femoyer St. Bldg 10203, Lackland AFB

§  Phone Number: 210-673-6930

§  Website:  http://www.lacklandfss.com/lodging.html  

o   Randolph Inn (Randolph AFB)

§  Phone Number: 210-652-1844

§  Website:  http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/lodging.asp?articleid=26

o   Powless Guest House (Fort Sam Houston)

§  Phone Number: 210-357-2705

§  Website:  http://www.ihg.com/armyhotels/hotels/us/en/reservation


-          Child Development Center: Main CDC Randolph:

§  Address:  Bldg 1072, Randolph AFB

§  Phone: 210-652-4946

§  Website: http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/cdc.asp?articleid=46&zoneid=31#13

o   Gateway Child CDC Lackland:

§  Address:  Bldg 3220, 1550 Holloman Ave, Lackland AFB

Phone: 210-671-1040 

§  Website: http://www.lacklandfss.com/child_development.html

o   Fort Sam Houston CDC:

§  Address:  Bldg 2530, Funston Rd, Fort Sam Houston

Phone: 210-221-5002 

§  Website: http://www.fortsammwr.com/youth/cdc.html 

-          Military Certified Providers off-base? yes, more info:  Ft. Sam: 210-221-3828, Lackland: 210-671-3376, Randolph: 210-652-4946



-          Randolph AFB School Information: Randolph Field ISD (Elementary, Middle, and High School available): http://www.rfisd.net/

-          Fort Sam Houston School Information: Fort Sam Houston ISD (Elementary, Middle, and High School Available): http://www.fshisd.net/

-          Lackland AFB School Information (Elementary, Middle, and High School Available): http://www.lacklandisd.net/education/components/scrapbook/default.php?sectionid=855


Medical Services:

-          Tricare region (West, Central, North, South): South

-          Address:  Randolph AFB Clinic: 221 3rd St W, Randolph AFB; Brooke Army Medical Center: 3551 Roger Brooke Dr, Fort Sam Houston; Wilford Hall Medical Center: 2200 Bergquist Dr., Lackland AFB

o   Apt Line: 210-916-9900

o   Info: Randolph: 210-652-6403, Fort Sam: 210-916-7500, Lackland: 210-292-7100

-          Tricare: 800-444-5445

-          Website: http://www.whasc.af.mil/Randolph/ , http://www.bamc.amedd.army.mil/, http://www.whasc.af.mil/index.asp

-          Hospital on base (or clinics only): Clinic and Hospitals


Things to do:

-          Water Park/Parks:  Skylark Aquatic Center Lackland Address: Bldg. 6482

§  Phone: 210-671-3780

§  Website:   http://www.lacklandfss.com/swimming_pools.html

o   Fort Sam Houston Aquatic Center Address: Bldg 3300 Williams Rd.

§  Phone: 210-221-4887

§  Website:   http://www.fortsammwr.com/recreation/aquatic-center.html

o   Center Pool at Parr Club Randolph AFB Address: Bldg 502, Parr Club

§  Website:   http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/frontpage.asp?articleid=1&zoneid=36

-          Gym/Fitness Center:

o   Rambler Fitness Center Randolph AFB: http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/fitness.asp?articleid=23&zoneid=22

o   Lackland AFB Fitness Centers:  http://www.lacklandfss.com/fitness.html

o   Fort Sam Houston Fitness Centers: http://www.fortsammwr.com/sports-fitness/jbfc.html

-          Vet Clinic: Fort Sam Houston Veterinary Treatment Facility

§  Address: 2915 Schofield Rd

§  Phone: 210-808-6101

§  Website:   http://www.fortsammwr.com/home-family/vtf.html

o   Randolph AFB Veterinary Clinic

§  Address: Bldg 216

§  Phone: 210-652-3190

§  Website: http://www.jbsa.af.mil/shared/media/document/AFD-120605-058.pdf  

o    Lackland AFB Veterinary Clinic

§  Address: Bldg 5747

§  Phone: 210-671-3631

-          Outdoor Rec: Marion Street Station Outdoor Recreation

o   Address: 309 Westover St. Bldg. 871 Lackland AFB, TX, Bldg 895 Randolph AFB,  Bldg 1111 Forage Ave Fort Sam

o   Phone: 210-925-5532 Lackland, 210-652-5142 Randolph, (210) 221-5225 Ft Sam

o   Website:     http://www.lacklandfss.com/loac.html,  http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/skills.asp?articleid=34&zoneid=19#equip, http://www.fortsammwr.com/recreation/outdoor-equipment-center.html   

-          RV/Camping Facilities and/or storage rental: Available Contact ODR

-          Bowling alley: Randolph AFB Bowling Center

§  Address: Bldg 870

§  Phone: 210-652-6271

§  Website: http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/frontpage.asp?articleid=1&zoneid=36

o   Skylark Bowling Center Lackland

§  Address: Bldg 6476

§  Phone: 210-671-1234

§  Website: http://www.lacklandfss.com/skylark_bowling.html

o   Fort Sam Houston Bowling Center

§  Address: Bldg 2521

§  Phone: 210-221-4740

§  Website: http://www.fortsammwr.com/recreation/bowling.html

-          Library: Keith A. Campbell Memorial Library

§  Address: Bldg 1222, Fort Sam

§  Phone: 210-221-4702

§  Website: http://www.fortsammwr.com/recreation/library.html

o   Lackland AFB Library

§  Address: Bldg 6114, Lackland

§  Phone: 210-671-2678

§  Website: http://www.lacklandfss.com/library.html

o   Randolph Library

§  Address: Bldg 598, Randolph

§  Phone: 210-652-2617

§  Website: http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/library.asp?articleid=25

-          Golf Course:  Randolph Oak Golf Course

§  Address:   Bldg 1300, Randolph

§  Phone:  210-652-4653

§  Website:  http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/golf.asp?articleid=17&zoneid=17  

o   Gateway Hills Golf Course

§  Address:   1800 Dimsted Place, Lackland

§  Phone:  210-671-3466

§  Website: http://www.lacklandfss.com/gateway_golf.html

o   Fort Sam Houston Golf Course

§  Address:   1050 Harry Wurzbach, Fort Sam

§  Phone:  210-221-5863

§  Website: http://www.fortsammwr.com/recreation/golf.html

-          Movie Theater: Exchange Reel Time Theater Lackland AFB

o   Phone: 210-671-3985

o   Website: http://www.shopmyexchange.com/ReelTimeTheatres/Movies-LacklandAFB.htm   

-          Hobby Shop: Randolph AFB Frame Shop

§  Address: Bldg 895

§  Phone: 210-652-5142

§  Website: http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/skills.asp?articleid=34&zoneid=19#fram

o   Lackland AFB Arts & Crafts

§  Address: Bldg 7041

§  Phone: 210-671-2515

§  Website: http://www.lacklandfss.com/arts_crafts.html

-          Auto shop:  Lackland Auto Hobby Shop

§  Address:   2120 Carswell, Bldg 7245

§  Phone: 210-671-3549

§  Website:    http://www.lacklandfss.com/auto_hobby.html   

o   Randolph Auto Skills Center

§  Address:   Bldg 873

§  Phone: 210-652-5142

§  Website:   http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/itt.asp?articleid=35&zoneid=18


-          Local Attractions:

o   San Antonio River walk: http://visitsanantonio.com/english/Explore-San-Antonio/Only-in-San-Antonio/El-Paseo-del-Rio

o   Sea World San Antonio: http://www.seaworldsanantonio.com/

o   Six Flags Fiesta Texas: http://www.sixflags.com/fiestatexas

o   San Antonio Zoo: http://www.sazoo-aq.org/

o   Schlitterbahn Waterpark: http://www.schlitterbahn.com/


For more information visit:   http://visitsanantonio.com/   


-          ITT office information:  Randolph ITT at Community Services Mall

§  Address: Bldg. 895

§  Phone: 210-652-5142

§  Website: http://www.randolphfss.com/cm/templates/skills.asp?articleid=34&zoneid=19

o   Lackland ITT: Address: Bldg. 5506 Stewart St.

§  Phone: 210-671-3133

§  Website: http://www.lacklandfss.com/itt.html

o   Fort Sam Houston ITT: Address: Bldg 1395 Chaffee Rd.


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out of persons persons said post was helpful

Not only is Randolph a great place to work the local community is also a great place to live. The cities of Universal City Live Oak Selma Schertz and Cibolo are directly adjacent to RAFB and most workers live in these suburban communities. There are three other school districts that support the area as well; Judson Schertz-Cibolo-Universal City and North East ISD. The East Central district has some small neighborhoods but very few local neighborhoods. There are also two major shopping areas within 5 miles of base; The Forum is a collection of large national brands such as Best Buy Target Bed Bath & Beyond with about 80 total stores and Rolling Oaks mall is an indoor mall with Macy's Sears JC Penney and the usual assortment of mall stores and food court. As Melissa states below it is very convenient to travel into San Antonio to enjoy the history and many festivals hosted through the year. In the other direction is New Braunfels which host the world's best known water park - Schlitterbahn. IT also has a diverse entertainment variety so between the two you won't be bored. And the Capitol City of Austin is only 45 minutes up IH35. So get ready to enjoy a great tour and you may end up like many of us and staying here.

We decided to retire here and live in Schertz. It has been named one of the top 40 small towns to live in by CNN-Money magazine and hosts a wonderful sense of community. Being a close neighbor to Randolph and Ft Sam it is naturally run by a team of former and retired military so you always feel good here.

And if you are coming to town and need assistance with houseing call and we can take care of you. We own RE/MAX Corridor and are a fll service Veteran friendly real estate firm. 210-659-6700. Welcome to Texas!

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  • Reviewed by rmxco1

out of persons persons said post was helpful

We have been stationed at randolph now for 5 years and it has been by far the best assignment we have had since being a military family. San Antonio is huge with a lot to do. You have Sea World Six Flags the Zoo The San Antonio Children's Museum and the Mckenna Children's Museum (which I prefer).

Traffic is a beast here and it seems like most everyone is an aggressive driver. So if you haven't been in a large city before San Antonio takes some getting used to.

Luckily Randolph is located on a nicer part of San Antonio. Really if you never wanted to venture out into the city you wouldn't have to. You have large shopping centers beautiful parks (I would reccomend Woodcrest and the Live Oak park in Live Oak) movie theaters and tons of restaurants.

The base itself has a HUGE BX/Commisary. It was just finished with in the past year (2010/2011) and offers a Spa Salon barbershop gamestop florist and several other shops. Also the clinic has their satalite pharmacy in the BX to pick up refills.

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  • Reviewed by Melissa