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C. Michelle says:
October 21, 2010 at 7:47 pm

Dahlgren- What to know and where to go **I started this post while visiting my husband in Dahlgren**

#1. You may not wear headphones on the sidewalk, because ?Ǩ?you won?ǨѢt be able to hear the traffic.?Ǩ I was stopped by the base CO who told me this and was nonplussed by my 7 am response of Who drives on the sidewalk? But I complied right away and she kept reaming me a new one, until I finally looked at her and said, I complied with your policy, so is there anything else you would like to discuss, ?ǨѢcause I am done talking about this. So FYI, no headphones on the sidewalk, or I assume the street, but it is ok on the track by the school.

#2. Be prepared to be out of bed and out of BOQ by 0700. This is most important for spouses who decide to visit like I did and had a cleaning lady ream me out about it after she ignored the do not disturb sign.

#2A The closest Starbucks is currently 20 min away, across the bridge in MD. This is depressing when rule 2 is important. They are going to build one at Grey?ǨѢs Landing on base, but it is not there as of the date of this post.

#2B Send your service member with some coffee. They have ungodly hours and only have Folgers. You do the math.

#3 DC is way closer than you think and the Metro is a breeze to navigate. You can park at the Huntington station on the weekends for FREE and take the Metro ALL over the city. This is a great way to have lunch in Georgetown and hit the Spy Museum a little bit later and still have time for the monuments.

#3A DC is a great place to spend a whole day without paying a penny. Almost all the museums are free. The monuments?Ǩfree. The parks?Ǩfree. Pack a sack lunch and all you have to pay is less than $5 in metro fare.

#3B Buy a metro fare card. Yes, it?ǨѢs $20 bucks, but you can use it forever. A 1 day pass costs $8 and it restricts the hours you can travel.

#4 Kayaking. There are two companies in Georgetown along the waterfront where you can Kayak the Potomac. One place also rents canoes. This is a sweet way to see the monuments and get some exercise. Also, since you will kayak past Roosevelt Island on the way to the monuments, you can see all kinds of neat wildlife. It gives you a much different perspective on what DC used to look like.

#5 Zed?ǨѢs Ethiopian is AMAZING! No reservations, so get there early! It?ǨѢs a great treat!

#5A The food is AWESOME and not nearly as expensive as you might imagine.

#6 Good walking shoes?Ǩnuff said.

#7 Collect fossils. You are allowed to collect invertebrate fossils and some vertebrates on state lands. I went to Purse State Park and collected sharks teeth and clams. This is a great activity for kids.

#8 The Exchange is the size of a 7-Eleven and the streets roll up at 1700.

#9 The pizza place near the base looks like a dive but is great. The mexican place near the base looks nice but is a dive?ǨI found rocks in my gumbo like dish.

#10 Welcome to Stepford. The place looks beautiful, everything is perfectly in it?ǨѢs place. It?ǨѢs SCARY. According to the people who live there, it is hell. Think HOA on crack with the power to screw over your spouse. Yikes!

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