Tinker AFB

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Miranda M says:
July 25, 2011 at 2:28 pm

Give Away Entry:
Oklahoma city OK
Tinker is a huge base with a lot to offer including being only a few minutes drive to downtown OKC. Brand new BX or Exchange ( the started with Tinker being the first remodel for the new face of the BX across the world) 3 shoppettes ( one of which is a large gas station) and a movie theater. I am a spouse, my husband is active duty AF on the AWACs. There is also Navy and Army stationed here as well.

Lol ok the CONS of Tinker?「どィャカ.They have no concept of what snow management is and what to do to keep their roads safe so the base and surrounding towns tend to shut down at the first sign of snow( no kidding we had less then 6?「どィャ? and the kids got 3 days off of school). If your hubby works with the AWACs they deploy a lot as well as the SF on this base as I was told, any of the other units I don?「どィび「t really know and can not speak for.
PROS?「どィャカ..The base is close to EVERYTHING. Right off base is a ton of stuff and the highway exits literally right to the front gate of the base( no kidding the base has 4 exits of it?「どィび「s on off of HWY40). The A&FRC is amazing and ready at the drop of a hat to help you and your family with anything they can do to make things better. Lots of farmers markets nearby tons of ?「どィ?down home?「どィャ activities and roadside quirks to see.

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