Vandenberg AFB

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Vandeberg has a lot of nicer newer housing. Chances are if you are offered a house in the 'new' housing you will be fairly happy with what you are offered. I have heard a few horror stories even with new housing. One friend had a huge water damage problem. Every time it rained or they even watered their yard on one side of their house their carpet would end up doused in water. This went on for years until they became worried about mold and moved. Her husband developed a health problem which interestingly is a common problem for people exposed to high levels of mold. HOusing did nothing to fix the problem.     I knew another lady who'd lived on the base twice. The first time was in the late-nineties. The housing walked them up to a house pulled the 'Condemned' sign off the front door and handed them the keys. Nearly ten years later there were still people living in these houses. When I lived there they began tearing them down around 2010 over ten years later. 

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