Yokosuka, Japan

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Vernessa Neu says:
September 21, 2010 at 4:29 pm

There are 3 housing areas for Yokosuka Navy Base, Yokosuka, Ikego Hills (approx. 20-45 minutes driving time depending on traffic and time of day), and Negishi Heights (approx. 45+ minutes driving time).

Main base Yokosuka has the commissary, hospital, medical clinics, high school, middle school, full time day care, hourly care, pre-school, gym, and all other important business offices. Ikego Hills and Negishi Heights both have elementary schools, day care, and a mini NEX. Negishi also has limited medical/dental clinics. All housing areas have a post office.

Ikego and main base Yokosuka offers either a high rise apartment or townhomes ranging from 2-4 bedrooms with 2-2.5 bathrooms. If you are a dog owner or require a 4-bedroom unit you must live in a townhome or off base.

There are no basements, attics, or personal garages. Townhomes do have ample outside storage units that lock but are not temperature controlled. High rise apartments have locked storage available on the same floor as the apartment.

Each unit comes equipped with all appliances including a washer and dryer and microwave. If you bring your own appliances you will have a storage issue. Townhomes have plenty of closet space including large closet or storage under the stairs. Apartments have a little less closet space.
Most apartments have white square tiles for flooring. Townhomes usually have hardwood floors downstairs, expect the kitchen which is white lanolin, and carpeting is upstairs. Each unit may vary slightly due to renovations as families move out.

Walls are painted a neutral off white color. Townhomes have covered patios and fenced backyards that you must maintain yourself. There are community storage units with lawn mowers, gas, and other material to care for your lawn. The front yards and other common areas are cared for by maintenance. Maintenance is quick to respond to problems and they answer calls 24/7.

Each room has its own temperature control in both townhomes and apartments. Apartment buildings are on a schedule for when heat and air is turned on and it depends on the current weather conditions. Families living in townhomes are able to control when they turn on their air and heat.

Each housing unit has a combined living and dining area. 4-bedroom townhomes come with an extra room which most people use as either an office or formal dining room. The 3 bedroom townhomes come with an eat-in kitchen and lots of extra counter space instead of the separate extra room. All units have a separate laundry room with storage cabinets.

Negishi is a bit different and there are no apartments. Homes are either detached or semi-detached. I have not visited the inside of Negishi housing but the outside appears nice enough. Homes seem older and larger. There are more green areas and privacy.

Attendance at the Newcomer?ǨѢs Brief is mandatory in order to receive assistance from the Housing Welcome Center staff. The housing welcome center is located at the Navy Lodge. They will assist you if you are looking to rent a home off base.

Loaner furniture is available at no cost until your shipment arrives.

In my opinion, housing is more than ample and provides the same comforts as homes in the US. There are plenty of green areas, parks, and playgrounds on all base housing.

Currently wait times for on base housing range from 0-6 months but that does fluctuate monthly. I have seen wait times as high as 24 months.

Housing website

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