Yongsan, Korea

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susanna says:
January 16, 2011 at 10:53 pm

From the discussion wall on facebook.com/militarydutystations:

?Ǩ?ǨIt was a great experience and I left many friends behind. Yongsan is a beautiful post. Are you sure that he has pinpoint orders or does he have orders to report to the 1RC in Yongsan. If he has an actual unit on there he will stay in Yongsan otherwise his orders will be amended once he gets to Korea.

You have two sets of orders; orders going to Korea and the pinpoint orders that will tell him what unit he will be at.

I wouldn?ǨѢt be holding my breath about the Command Sponsorship. There is a very long waiting list. If you can do it I would suggest waiting out the year and PCS after that. Going over NonCommand Sponsored is an option but it is not one I would chose to do with children.?Ǩ

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