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 Admin Marisa
  • Tiffany J-- why wouldn't you just look for an apartment right off post? or why waste gas driving that much every day? Anita S-- We lived on Andrews and loved it. Anita S-- If you have family it's a nice base for bike riding to the lake the family and kid pool is our favorite part they have a nice library and it is a nice baser overall. Jennifer M--Rent off post. The BAH there is high to compensate for the area. Find a cheaper rental in bethesda and you can pocket the cash. Mavi B-- Andrews is nice far away from Walter Reed though my husband works there and we are on the waiting list for Fort Meade (not close either) but there is a shuttle that goes back and forth (WRNMMC - Meade --- Meade - WRNMMC) and we are planning on use it bcz wasting gas is not worth it. If you really like Andrews (wich is great) try to check if they have a shuttle. Atilla M- Just live at belvoir. We just left there and loved it! Mavi B-- Yep Belvoir is nice too... Nothing like living on post Commisary Px feeling safe... Jessica P--?Ǩ??@mavi baez i have been looking at meade belvoir andrews and bolling and i think ft meade is what we are going w/ for that very reason of the shuttle we definately want to live on a military base and the apartments that are offered through WR are not what we want having 2 kids and a dog we want a yard....@ jennifer miller I dont want to rent anything would like to keep as much of our moving money as possible :) thanks everyone for all the information. Jessica P--?Ǩ??@mavi baez where can i find info about the shuttle? Katie T-- Don't live off base near Walter Reed. It's not the safest area. Belvoir is really nice. We lived on Andrews for 6 1/2 years. It's nice but if you have kids the schools are terrible. There is one on base but it's a charter school & since your husband isn't stationed on andrews you'll fall in to the 35% lottery that puts you with ALL of Prince Georges Co. As far as the people on base they're wonderful. The housing office not so much. You'll just be another number. Housing is really nice if you get a newer home but there are some smaller homes that aren't as nice. Outside the Andrews gate isn't the safest area either you do have to keep your eyes open & your guard up. They had just started a shuttle to Bethesda when we left not sure if WR is included in that. There are so many fun & free things to do in DC & the USO Metro is the BEST USO you will find. We did enjoy living there but just like everywhere you go there are ups & downs. Andrews does also have a great sports program for the kids that partners with Bolling. Actually Bolling (JB Bolling-Anacostia) has some nice houses too & that would be closer to WR for you. But again the schools are awful. If I remember correctly Belvior does have a school on base. I could be wrong about that though. If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me. Katie W-- We live in an oldersmaller home on Andrews...we dont hatebut we dont love the gghettttto right out of the gate. My son and I's medical care is at Bethesda and it can take anywhere from 40 min to 2 Hrs to get there! Renee V-- I agree 95% with Katie T. :-) We never had an issue with the elementary school right off Andrews. The Middle school is a completely different story. Its horrible! The curriculum of Maryland schools is very good. Again we never had an issue with the housing office but I've heard and seen some of the horror stories from others living on base. And YES use USO Metro! It is AMAZING! Mavi B-- ?Ǩ??@Jessica click here http://kacc.narmc.amedd.army.mil/Pages/shuttleschedule.aspx I didn't know they have Shuttle for Andrews there is another option for you guys. (Even though is nice on Andrews I heard the area is "different" but hey you guys know what is better for you...) If you are going to Fort Meade let me know it will be nice to know someone before I arrived... is your husband a Med? Mine is not a Med and he works with the Wounded Warriors. Katie W-- Buuut...the metro is always an option...Andrews is at the end of green line...Bethesda at opposite end of the red line :) the people are generally great here there are a fair amount of things to do on base :) def has its ups and downsas does any base! It is what u make it! Lourdes C-- Andrews or Ft Belvoir. Both have new housing. Andrews has direct access to 495 Nicole B-- We've been living on Andrews for over 3 years now and love it. Katie T was my neighbor so I can pretty much agree with what she said - especially the part about the USO (I volunteer there. )
  • Posted on 29/08/2012