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  • We just moved here in January and I don't have school-aged children but I have a friend who's been here longer and does have school-aged kiddos. She got a house at Logan Heights (older housing) and absolutely hated it. She said the school system over there is terrible (I believe they are in El Paso Independent School District). My oldest daughter will be starting pre-k in Fall 2013 - we live in Socorro ISD. It's said to be the best district in the city. Right now EPISD is part of a cheating scandal in which they cheated on standardized tests. The west part of town is very expensive but nice. The east side (where Socorro ISD is located) is relatively new (lots of ongoing construction) and nice as well. We live on the east side. Several military families live here though i don't get that 'military post' feel you want. Stay away from houses along Dyer street - it's the dangerous part of town. And I was told to look for housing north of I-10. My husband gets on 375 to go to work (he works at Biggs Field) and it takes him 20 minutes.
  • Posted on 18/08/2012   

  • Hi this is actually our home town. We are currently in NC and awaiting orders to Germany or back home to bliss. Since it being our home town we of course lived off base. I must agree with the last to stay on the east side. Our kids were attending Lancaster Elm. It is an Ysleta school district. I must say one of the best schools as far as elemtary is concerned. The principal and teachers are amazing there. Many people dont like being stationed here but I think if you go away from the military scene here and there you will be ok. They have a zoo and it has grown so much. Feel free to email me anytime for more info. They have an amazing base where it has tons of stores and restaurants. asier
  • Posted on 14/01/2013