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 Admin Marisa
  • Kassondra L-- Kerstell Fountain!! I went to Foumtain Fort Carson high school and the entire district is amazing! I was born in Colorado and miss it dearly!! Brittany B-- Fountain or Security/Widefield are nice areas very quiet. They're on tr Southern end of town so close to post but that means you are a little further from most shops/restaurants/downtown of course. I know several people who lived near Dublin and those neighborhoods are very nice but further north & away from post. I personally do NOT recommend Pueblo West. We lived in Pueblo for 2 years after my husband go out & it's terrible. Springs has much more to offer & the commute especially is not worth it (trust me I've done it & so has my husband). It's a good neighborhood but the town itself just really has nothing to offer & if you're looking for something close to post that's definitely not it. Anissa M--We just moved here this summer we considered Fountain but ended up near Cimmoron Hills it's close to Peterson AFB but about a 25 minute commute to Carson. And we don't regret it at all after checking out the southern part of the city. The commute is well worth it the area we live in. Vonona P-- Hey :-) When we PCSed here 2 years ago we decided on the Widefield Security area. It's nice and quiet plus my kiddos lov etheir schools. I am a Realtor here in the Springs and I can help you find a rental or even a home to call your own! Let me know if you have any questions and welcome to Colorado!! Leo A-- Fountain...we loved it Ashley L-- Fountain is great priced good quiet right outside gate 20! Jaime S-- Knicely I live in fountain. Cross creek sub division great schools. District 8 ad close to post we love it KaTrina V-- I lived on post..FOR THE FIRST AND LAST TIME....but I rec. Fountain area. Had two good friends move there...it wouldve been my choice. Lindsey U--- I heard good things about Stetson hills? Zip code 80922? I am moving to the area in about two weeks we have an infant and a 2 year old so we just need to think about preschool possibly any thoughts?
  • Posted on 29/08/2012