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  • Hi! You'll probably have housing on Vogelway. Here's their current info: Vogelweh Housing Office Bldg. 1001; DSN: 314-489-6671 Ramstein Satellite Housing Office Bldg. 2108; DSN: 314-480-3140 86ces.cehhousingoffice@ramstein.af.mil They will be able to answer more questions about wait times etc. Due to other bases here closing I have no idea what the housing situation will be like. Driving however I can answer. You can get an international drivers' license from your local AAA office. You shouldn't have to be a member and it will be a small cost. Once you are here you will go through drivers education course and take a test for the German drivers' license. Make sure you study! It is a tough test and they don't play around! Go to this link for the handbook. http://www.hqusareur.army.mil/rmv/drivers_handbook.htm The schools are excellent here if you have kids. It takes a while to get settled but it is a great place to live. Remember there are no closets here in most German homes so bring your storage furniture like bookshelves etc. Best wishes on a great move!
  • Posted on 15/02/2013