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Military Duty Stations is owned and operated by SargesList.com, veteran owned and military spouse-powered trusted classifieds for military communities. Military Duty Station was launched by Susanna Haynie, an 18 year military spouse who's husband is now retired. It was given to SargesList to keep the fire burning and has remained a reliable resource for base information / reviews.

As a site that is powered by military members and their families who have been there, you can be confidant that what you read here is accurate and true-to-life.

One of the first things military families do when new PCS orders are pending is reach out within the military community for feedback about their soon-to-be home. You probably have questions about neighborhoods, traffic schools, and life in the area in general. Military Duty Stations takes all that feedback and presents it to you through one convenient portal, which should greatly speed up your transition time.

Leaving a base? Please help your military community by writing a review about what you've learned during your stay.

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Also, before you hit the road for your PCS, take a look at www.ultimatepcsguide.com. It's a free, comprehensive guide to PCSing produced by our friends over at SargesList.

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