Altus AFB

Base Name: Altus AFB, OK

Base City: Altus, OK

Base Operator Phone Number: 580-482-8100 or DSN 312-866-1110

Family Readiness Center/Fleet & Family Services:

-          Address: Bldg 52

-          Phone Number: 580 481-6761

-          Website:


Cost of Living: Below the national average about 78.9% of the national average

-          BAH: Starting at $615 for E-1 without dependents or $819 with dependents



-          Housing Office

o   Amount of on base houses available: 530

o   Phone Number: 580-379-4002

o   Address: 700 Legacy Lane, Altus, OK 73521

o   Website: 

o   Off-base/privatized housing

-          AHRN: 



-          Child Development Center

o   Address: Bldg 53, Altus AFB

o   Phone Number: 580-481-7502

o   Website:

-          Military Certified Providers off-base? yes, more info: 580-481-6931


-          Elementary: L. Mendel Rivers Elementary

o   Address: 3000 N. Veterans Dr., Altus, OK 73521

o   Phone Number: 580-481-2183

o   Website:

-          Middle: Altus Intermediate School

o   Address: 1221 North Howse, Altus, OK  73521

o   Phone Number: 580-481-2155

o   Website:

-          Junior High School: Altus Junior High School

o   Address:  1601 S. Park Lane, Altus, OK 73521               

o   Phone Number: 580-481-2173

o   Website:

-          High School: Altus High School

o   Address: 400 N. Park Avenue, Altus, OK 73521

o   Phone Number: 580-481-2167

o   Website:


Medical Services:

-          Tricare region (West, Central, North, South): South

-          Address: 301 North First St., Bldg 46, Altus AFB, OK 73521 

-          Phone Number: 580-481-5379

o   Apt Line: 589-481-5235

o   Info: 580-481-5379

o   Tricare: 1-800-406-2832

-          Website:

-          Hospital on base (or clinics only): Altus AFB Clinic


Things to do:

-          Water Park/Parks: 

o   Altus AFB Pool

§  Phone: 580-481-7696



-          Gym/Fitness Center:

o   Altus AFB Fitness Center

§  Address: Bldg 156

Phone: 580-481-7440



-          Base Vet Clinic: Address: Bldg 48

o   Phone: 580-421-5221

o   Website:

-          Outdoor Rec: Address: Bldg 343

o   Phone: 589-481-7896

o   Website:

-          RV/Camping Facilities and/or storage rental: Available Contact ODR


-          On-base bowling alley: Address: Building 106

o   Phone: 580-481-6420

o   Website:


-          Movies: Local movie theaters only no base theater: Heritage Park Theater

o   Address: 3917 North Main, Altus, OK 73521 

o   Phone: (580) 482-0330

o   Regular Adult: $7.00 | Regular Child: $5.00


-          Library: Altus AFB Library

o   Address: Bldg 65, Altus AFB, OK

o   Phone: 580-481-6302

o   Website:


-          Golf Course: Windy Trails Golf Course

o   Address: Bldg 35

o   Phone: 580-481-7207

o   Website:


-          Hobby Shop: Frame Shop

o   Address: Bldg 343

o   Phone: 589-481-7048

o   Website:


-          Auto shop: Address: Bldg 343

o   Phone: 589-471-6326

o   Website:


-          Local Attractions:

o   Altus Speedway: Hwy 283 N, Altus, OK 73521, Phone: 580-482-2754,  Website:


o   The Greens of Altus Golf Course: 20650 Hwy 62, Altus, OK 73521,    Phone: 580-480-0209, Website:


o   Museum of the Western Prairie: 1100 Memorial Dr., Altus, OK 73521, Phone: 580-482-1044, Website:


o   Morgan Doll Museum: 909 E Broadway, Altus, OK 73521, Phone: 580-482-2387, Website:

-          ITT office information:

o   Address: Bldg 148, Altus AFB, OK

o   Phone Number: 580-481-6600

                                o   Website:

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out of persons persons said post was helpful

The town is very family oriented and has many family friendly events throughout the year.  The Rock'n Rumble is an event that takes place on Main Street where people cruise in their classic cars like they did when the town was first built.  It is fun.  People like the streets with their camping chairs and watch the cars go buy.  They do Christmas Lights in the park that are beautiful.  And you cannot forget the Chilli Cook Off in downtown or the Rattle Snack Round Up in Mangum.  A fun fun time for the family.

The Chamber of Commerce is very active and stays current.  You can find the events at:

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