Bamberg USAG

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Amanda Zustra says:
June 15, 2010 at 12:01 pm

What is there in this area for children?This area really needs volunteer?ǨѢs to help run their seasonal sports through CYSS(Child & Youth School Services) program. Through the Unlimited Skies there is sports for a certain fee per month you can sign up your child for ballet, gymnastics, and karate to name a few. Please keep in mind these coaches may not be the same as when you were stateside too. There is services that do offer playgroups through ACS( Army Community Service building). At the CAC(community activity center) is a little indoor play gym up to 8yrs old that you can bring your children to play. The JFK gym is where they are considered the ?Ǩ?teen?Ǩ center. 6th grade and up can hang out there after school. You will have to go there to find out where to sign your child up to go there during their hours. CYSS does offer summer camps for all ages at this duty station. Have to sign up right before school ends. Their slots fill up fast. This is a high deployment duty station. Places off post for children isn?ǨѢt to many selections. There is a swimming pool (schwimmbad) out in Hirshaid. Which is around 20 minute drive. Google map on how to drive there?Ǩ click here,+Germany&cid=13350338546902323496 About the swimming pool website click here I can tell you this company that owns this pool is much smaller than what they advertise on their website. It?ǨѢs a great place for the family. There is an outdoor swimming pool right near the duty post. You can easily walk to it during the summer or ride your bikes. Great time to visit this one is during August when it gets really hot here. Here is their address to be exact for you,,+Germany&cid=8987650443209466610

There is also an amusement park about 40 min outside of Bamberg on your way to Frankfurt City. Another great place to visit with the family. Here is their website info

That should cover it for what to do with the children.

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