Bamberg USAG

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Amanda Zustra says:
June 15, 2010 at 12:02 pm

As for medical there is a Klinikum(Clinic) outside the post manybe 20 minute drive. Their website is Their emergency hours are only open certain times. Most people call the desk sgt. desk to call the hotline number. So that an ambulance comes to post to determine if it?「どィび「s series or not for the clinic. Our clinic in post is only open certain hours of the day during the week. Maybe 7am-15:30 I believe. Thursday is a training for them, so making appointments on those days is a struggle. I did deliver our youngest child at this klinikum. I had no problems since this was my 2nd child born in Germany. Yes you do need to pack a gown to wear at the hospital, shower shoes/slippers, snacks, your toiletries and your own water if ya prefer their?「どィび「s is the bubbly kind. They did have the still kind but I didn?「どィび「t like it. You could also share a room here with someone too. Dental here is only for soldiers. Dependents is on if space available. Looking for a dentist off post is only if you have insurance. Children sometimes can get into the dental clinic here though. I have gotten my children in where as I couldn?「どィび「t though.

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