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Privatized housing :by Pinnacle..


Built in 2006


Homes are "yle="background-color: rgba(255 255 255 0);">aesthetically" pleasing large all with fenced back yards .

yle="background-color: rgba(255 255 255 0);">small community .

yle="background-color: rgba(255 255 255 0);">outdoor heated pool.

yle="background-color: rgba(255 255 255 0);">small (very small) playground basketball courts tennis court however they are all not maintained well.

Management is not good in a "high" level however resident representative is very kind and will to help with whatever is in her power.


must pay a very inflated utility bill in addition to your entire BAH.

Homes are built poorly

Apartment sized appliances

bad insulation 

cheap materials

Not much "on base" to do.


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