Fort Wadsworth

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Tina M says:
April 30, 2011 at 6:57 pm

Flipcam GiveAway Entry:

We have 4 children in 3 schools, The elementary school our kids go to is Wonderful, but if you expect to volunteer, and be invited to class parties and events you will be disappointed. Parents are not allowed at class parties, nor your childs birthday at school. The middle school our son goes to is great also , just stay on top of the teachers to make sure if your child has an IEP they are followin git to the letter. Staten Island does not have many inclusion schools for Special Needs children. They force all the children to be on ?Ǩ?Alternate Assesment?Ǩ which means a SPecial needs child will NOT get a highschool diploma. They do not make academics a focus for specail needs children, they make life skills the focus. Very different from the FLorida school we came from for our Autistic son. THe school our Autistic son goes to is a dream, very similar to his FLorida school except he is Alternate assesment which means when we leave here it will be difficult putting him back on track to recieve a regular highschool diploma, so we have gotten him a tutor to fill in the academic gap. It also took 1 month and a half to get him in school because we would not settle for less and thats what we were getting offered for schools. It was a long, emot ional process.

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