Geilenkirchen, Germany

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Susanna says:
February 13, 2011 at 10:27 pm

Geilenkirchen offers an international pre-school program for preschool children who will be three or four years old.

The James Van Dierendonck Elementary School also known as Geilenkirchen Elementary School provides classes from kindergarten through

sixth grade for dependents. There are, on average, two classes of 22 students per grade. Standardized test scores for the Geilenkirchen Elementary School are available through the DoDEA Data Center.

AFNORTH International Elementary, Jr. High and High School offers education for about 1400 dependents of all personnel stationed at JFC, Geilenkirchen (Jr. High and High School only), and Schinnen. The school is located at Brunssum, the Netherlands, caters to American, Canadian, British, and German students. Bus service is provided free of charge by DETMO for students at GK or JFC. Standardized test scores for the AFNORTH International School are available through the DoDEA Data Center.

* AFNORTH Elementary School Test Scores * AFNORTH High School

In general, the schools have a great reputation. Critical voices I have heard:

A friend and some other spouses I talked to had issues with the schools in terms of letting their children advance higher or faster, as well as with some of the integration. This must not be for everyone, but it is good to be prepared.

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