Goodfellow AFB

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Dayne Castillo says:
September 13, 2010 at 3:39 pm

We live off of base. We?「どィび「re at Sunset Apts. They are nice, big and 10 mins from the base. We?「どィび「ve had no problems here at all and from what i?「どィび「ve seen of the neighbors 90% of them are all military. The only thing I wish i would of known before choosing to live off base is that if your soldier is in ait he is NOT allowed to drive during the duty day. Once he goes to work no driving till you get off work. which means if he/she gets a 2 hr lunch they have to sit in their car or at the dfac and not see you. but if you live on base they can walk home to see you. The housing is really close to the dfac.

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