Hill AFB

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Justine Davies says:
January 23, 2011 at 9:47 am

The Base Clinic is some kind of Big, they renovating a lot at the moment, the doc i have is some kind of weird though, i liked my first one which was an active duty one but the one i have one is a civ and i think everytime i see him he wants to get this appt over with like just to give me some pills instead of listen to me whats the real problem or the cause! Anyway every time you have an appt here you need to take your ID with you and the yellow card that they give you when you enroll, without this card you can do nothing here not even get medications! There are a lot of Veterans on this base (only 10% of active duty, the rest is civ workers) so the clinic is packed with them, but they really nice so they usually let you go first in line and they really nice :] oh and you if you have to get a refill for your Medications make sure to schedule a appt so your doc can prescribe you a new refill!

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