Hurlburt AFB

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Christa W says:
June 15, 2010 at 9:47 am

Florosa elementary is a great school. There is a charter school by the name of Liza Jackson that is kindergarten thru 8th grade that a lot of parents like for their kids. This school has a lottery and children get in by luck of the draw. If you have more than one child, Liza Jackson will make it a priority to get your other children in. There?「どィび「s a Montessori preschool that isn?「どィび「t really a Montessori method. I would not recommend it. I had a bad experience there. There are a lot of religious based schools that are apparently very good. There?「どィび「s a Christian calvary school that is around $20,000 a year to attend, and they give scholarships to military children and they?「どィび「re able to attend for free. I know some people who have been very happy with that school. The very best schools are said to be in Niceville, which is closest to Eglin AFB. They have a Bluewater Bay elementary school that has the only Talented and gifted all day classroom with a certified Talented and Gifted teacher. Okaloosa County schools consistently have the best state-wide test scores for all of Florida. All highschools are said to be great. The local Northwest Florida College has a Junior/Senior HS program where your child can graduate from Highschool with their diploma and an Associates degree.

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