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Natalie K said about on base housing: We lived in the Moose Haven neighborhood. Single story dubplex with a basement. We love where we live. The type of homes we live in were recently renovated on the inside so it was pretty nice. Some houses have no fences and i wish they all had fences. Ours did not. The manitanence people were pretty nice. I never had any issues with them. Move in inspection happened before housing was privitazed and it went well. Have not had move out inspection yet. Im kinda scared of it. Im pretty sure we will have to pay some money due to cats clawing the insulation around the pipes in the basement and the carpet will probably have to be replaced ......................................about off base housing:Dont live in Anchorage. there are patches of good areas laced in with bad areas. The area around base is pretty scummy in my opinion. I would reccommend Eagle River and the Wasilla/ Palmer area for off base housing. The commute would be pretty long for Wasilla/ Palmer but there are quite a few military families who live out that way.

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