Luke AFB

Base Name:  Luke AFB, AZ

Base City:  Glendale, AZ

Base Operator Phone Number: 623-856-1110


Family Readiness Center/Fleet & Family Services:

-          Address: Bldg. 1113

-          Phone Number: (623) 856-6550

-          Website:


Cost of Living:

-          BAH/OHA: starting at $975 for E-1 without dependents and $1299 for E-1 with dependents


-          Housing Office:

o   Amount of on base houses available: 620

o   Phone Number: 623-388-3515

o   Address:  1368 Kachina, Glendale, Arizona 85307

o   Website:

o   Off-base/privatized housing

-          AHRN:


 Lodging: Fighter Country Inn

§  Address:  7012 N. Bong Lane in Building 660

§  Phone Number: (623) 856-3941 or (623) 935-2641

§  Website:



-          Child Development Center

o   Address:  Bldg 1119

o   Phone: (623) 856-6338

o   Website:

-          Military Certified Providers off-base? yes, more info: (623) 856-6998


-          Elementary:  

o   Luke Elementary School: Grades K-8

§  Address: 7300 N Dysart Rd, Glendale, AZ 85307

§  Phone: 623.876.7300

§  Website:

§  For info on the many other Elementary schools visit: or


-          High School:

o   Dysart High School

§  Address: 11425 N Dysart Rd, El Mirage, AZ 85335

§  Phone:  623.876.7500

§  Website:

§  For info on the other area High Schools visit: or


Medical Services:

-          Tricare region (West, Central, North, South): West

-          Address:  7219 N. Litchfield Rd, Bldg 1130, Luke AFB, AZ 85309

-          Phone Number:  623-856-2273

o   Apt Line: 623-856-2273

o   Info: 623-856-2273

-          Tricare: 877-988-9378

-          Website:

-          Hospital on base (or clinics only): Clinic

-          For information on the nearest hospitals and ER visit:


Things to do:

-          Water Park/Parks:  Housing Community Center Pool

§  Address: 1368 Kachina, Glendale, AZ 85307

§  Phone: 623-388-3515

§  Website:


-          Gym/Fitness Center:

o   Bryant Fitness Center

§  Address: Bldg. 820

§  Phone: 623-856-6241

§  Website:


-          Base Vet Clinic:

o   Address:  Bldg 1107

o   Phone:   (623) 856-6354

o   Website:

-          Outdoor Rec:

o   Address: Bldg 247

o   Phone: 623-856-6267/9334

o   Website:

-          RV/Camping Facilities and/or storage rental: Available Contact ODR


-          Bowling alley: CLOSED


-          Library: Luke AFB Library

o   Address: Bldg 219

o   Phone: 623.856.7191

o   Website:


-          Golf Course:  Falcon Dunes Golf Course

o   Address:   15100 W Northern Ave

o   Phone:  623-856-0004

o   Website:


-          Movie Theater: Off Base only


-          Hobby Shop: Arts & Crafts

o   Address: Bldg 247

o   Phone: (623) 856-2797

o   Website:


-          Auto shop: Auto Hobby Shop

o   Address:   Bldg 248

o   Phone: 623-536-6946

o   Website:


-          Local Attractions:

o   Uptown Alley: Bowling, Laser Tag, Arcade

o   Wet ‘n’ Wild Phoenix:

o   Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium:  


For more information visit:


-          ITT office information:  ITT

o   Address:   Blockhouse, Bldg. 1150 Room #1038 across from the elevator.

o   Phone:  (623) 856-6000 

o   Website:

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susanna says:
August 8, 2010 at 8:40 am
Base housing is also in the process of being privatized. Currently you will see some new and some old houses. One advice I read was that if you have maintenance issues NOT to call the privatizing company Balfour Beatty ( but to call maintenance directly and early Work Order desk?Ǩ623-935-2676

Opinions whether it is cheaper on base or off base vary. If you live on base you will lose ALL your BAH. However, this will pay for your rent, utilities ( and that can run VERY high) and maintenance. So do your math before you decide. Also remember that if you live OFF base you will have higher commuting costs (gas and such)

Off Base:
Rancho Gabriella in Surprise, AZ has been highly recommended as a great area to buy/rent a home. Avondale ?Ǩ?the good part of town?Ǩ has also been recommended Appartments: Desert Gardens 2 has been warmly recommended.
The housing market in Arizona has been pretty soft meaning you might be able to get a good deal on a house (maybe with pool?) if you are stationed there for a longer period of time.

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