MCAS Beaufort

Cunningham Street & Drayton Street
Beaufort, SC 29906

Phone 843-228-7158
Fax 843-228-7032
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  • Cost of Living: The cost of living in Beaufort is less than average for the US, but housing costs may be high for junior enlisted families.
  • Base Operator: 843-228-7100.
  • Schools: The Laurel Bay Schools are part of the larger consolidated school district SC/Ft. Stewart DoD DDESS. The three schools are attended by dependent children in grades PK-6 who reside on federal property in the vicinities of Beaufort.Robert Edward Galer Elementary School, Elliott Elementary School (also known as Middleton Stuart Elliott Elementary School), Charles Frank Bolden Elementary/Middle School
  • Housing: Tri-Command Military Housing, LLC, a private partnership between Actus Lend Lease and the DoN, is responsible for housing at MCAS Beaufort and the Laurel Bay housing area. In the Beaufort area median house price is $207,075. Median rent in Beaufort County is $829.
  • Medical Services: A Branch Medical Clinic (843-228-7051 located on MCAS Beaufort is for active duty service members. Co-located is the Branch Dental Clinic (843-228-7512)  also or active duty personnel. The Beaufort Naval Hospital (843-228-5600) provides medical care for all active duty and retired members located in southeastern South Carolina and northeastern Georgia.

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Tina G says:
May 26, 2011 at 2:41 pm

all schools in the area are now on the uniform program. even the high schools. laurel bay schools parris island as well. they bus them over. There are 2 k thru 2nd schools on base (you go to the one depending on your address) & one 3rd thru 8th. The schools on base are amazing w/a few exceptions of a few staff/teachers. it?「どィび「s hit or miss w/the assignment of teachers. the pto is non existant. the after school programs/clubs are non existant as well. The air conditioning in the school is unacceptable yet they never fix it. the lunch served is barely consumed by the students?「どィャカ.it not edible. absolutely gross. they offer spanish to kindergarten & 1st grade only (funding). The high school out in town, battery creek, is a ceespool of criminals, underachievers & low expectations. more students ?「どィ?graduate?「どィャ w/ a certificate of ?「どィ?thanks for coming?「どィャ (meaning they didnt pass but you did attend) as opposed to a hs degree. be weary! do your research for schoo ls out in town.

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