McChord AFB

Base Name:   McChord AFB, WA

Base City:  Lakewood, WA

Base Operator Phone Number: 253-967-1110 or 253-982-1110


Family Readiness Center/Fleet & Family Services:

-          Address:   Bldg. 552, off Barnes Blvd., JBLM, McChord Field

-          Phone Number: 253-982-2695

-          Website:


Cost of Living:

-          BAH/OHA: starting at $ 1068 for E-1 without dependents and $ 1374  for E-1 with dependents


-          Housing Office:

o   Amount of on base houses available:   3,801

o   Phone Number: (253)912-2150

o   Address:    5128 Pendleton Ave., Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433 or 3209 Maple St. S.W., Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA 98489

o   Website:

o   Off-base/privatized housing

-          AHRN:


Lodging: IHG Army Hotels Rainier Inn & Complex (Lewis)

o   Address:  Building 2107, Utah Street  Joint Base Lewis-Mcchord,  Washington  98433

o   Phone Number:  1-253-964-0211

o   Website:



-          Child Development Center

o   Main Parent Central Services

§  Address:  2295 Bitar Ave. at Lewis Main or 578 Lincoln Blvd. at McChord Field

§  Phone Number:  253-966-CYSS

§  Website:

-          Military Certified Providers off-base? yes, more info: 253-966-2977


School: Clover Park School District, 10903 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, 253-583-5000,

-          Elementary:  too many to list 


-          Middle:  too many to list 


-          High School: too many to list 


Medical Services:

-          Tricare region (West, Central, North, South): west

-          Address:  Madigan Army Medical Center, (MAMC) Fort Lewis,
9040 Jackson Ave, Tacoma, WA 98431

-          Phone Number:  253-968-1110

o   Apt Line: (800)404-4506

o   Info: 253-968-1110

-          Tricare: (800)404-4506

-          Website:

-          Hospital on base (or clinics only): both


McChord Field Medical Clinic tel:(253)982-5766,690 Barnes Blvd.
Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98438


Things to do:

-          Water Park/Parks: 

§  Address: Bldg: 9993,Garfield Street, JBLM Lewis Main

§  Phone:  253-967-6652

§  Website:


-          Gym/Fitness Center:

o   McChord Main Fitness Center 

§  Address:  Bldg. 729, 5th St, JBLM McChord Field

§  Phone: 253-982-6707

§  Website:


-          Base Vet Clinic:

o   Address: Bldg 768 Warehouse Rd, Fort Lewis

o   Phone:  253-982-3951

o   Website:

-          Outdoor Rec: NW Adventure Center

§  Address:   8050 NCO Beach Rd., JBLM Lewis North

§  Phone: Info 253-967-8282 or 253-967-7744 

-          RV/Camping Facilities and/or storage rental: Available Contact ODR


-          On/off base bowling alley:  Bowl Arena Lanes

o   Address:   Bldg. 2272, Liggett Ave., JBLM Lewis Main

o   Phone: 253-967-4661

o   Website:


-          Library: Grandstaff Memorial Library

§  Address:  Bldg 2109, N. 10th & Pendleton,Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA  98433-9500

§  Phone: 253-967-5889

o   McChord Library 

§  Address:  851 Lincoln Blvd. (Ground Floor),Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98438-1317

§  Phone:  253-982-3454

o   Book Patch Children's Library 

§  Address:  Bldg 2109, N. 10th & Pendleton,Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433-9500

§  Phone: 253-967-5533

§  Website:


-          Golf Course:   Eagles Pride Golf Course

§  Address:   I-5 Exit 116, PO Box 33175 JBLM, Lewis Main, WA 98433-0175

§  Phone:   253-967-6522 or 253-964-2786

o    Whispering Firs Golf Course 

§  Address:  Bldg. 895, Lincoln Blvd.JBLM, McChord Field

§  Phone: 253-982-4927

§  Website:



-          Movie Theater:  McChord Movie Theater

§  Phone: 253-982-5836

§  Website:

o   Carey Theater on a Fort Lewis 

§  Phone: For Times: (253) 967-4329 or (253) 967-5976

§  Website:


-          Hobby Shop: Arts and Crafts McChord

o   Address: Bldg. 1121, Barnes Blvd., JBLM McChord Field

o   Phone: Framing: 253-982-6718 Engraving: 253-982-6723

o   Website:


-          Auto shop:

o   Address:    Bldg. 1120, Barnes Blvd., JBLM McChord Field

o   Phone:  (253) 982-7226

o   Website:


-          Local Attractions:

o   ​Grand Prix raceway, 11015 pacific hwy SW, Lakewood, 253-272-9000,


o   Thornwood castle, Thorn Lane, Lakewood,  tel:253-584-4393,


o   LeMay - America's Car Museum, 2702 East D. St., Tacoma, WA 98421, 253.779.8490,


o   Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, 5400 North Pearl Street, Tacoma, WA 98407, 253-591-5337,


For more information visit:


-          ITT office information:  

§  Address:  Bldg. 2275, Liggett Ave., JBLM Lewis Main

§  Phone Number:  Leisure Travel Svs:253-967-3085 & 253-967-2050

§  Website:


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susanna says:
May 31, 2010 at 11:28 am

Madigan Army Medical Center
Address: 9040 Fitzsimmons Drive
Tacoma, WA 98431
Web Site: Main Phone: 253-968-1110
Hours: Madigan clinical services are routinely available Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Some clinics offer after-hours appointments. Call 1-800-404-4506 for all appointments.

Making an Appointment
Phone Number: 800 404-4506
Additional Information:
Madigan clinical services are routinely available Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M.
Some clinics offer after-hours appointments. Call 1-800-404-4506 for all appointments. Beneficiaries can also make appointments by registering on TRICARE On LIne (TOL) at TOL Customer service phone number is 800 600-9332, press option number 3.
Prime enrollees may be able to make an MTF appointment online at

Phone: (253) 968-2999
Hours: M-F 0700-1900
Sat. 0900-1700
Closed Sundays and Holidays
Additional Information:
The above information is for the Main Pharmacy at MAMC where the new prescriptions entered by MAMC providers are processed. Refills are obtained through the mandatory call-in (253-968-2999 or 1-800-544-3298 Option 4) or on-line at ?Ǩ

Our family has been assigned to Madigan since we came here and I think most folks get assigned here.

Never had any problems getting an appointment at Madigan ?Ǩ when I really needed it.

a. regular appointments are generally on time-the ladies are nice and helpful at the desk.
b. they have a pediatrics lab where they can draw blood. This is especially nice since the regular lab is usually packed and has longer waiting time.
c. immunizations have been a hit or miss lately in terms of waiting times. Things have been changing?Ǩcertain vaccinations can be given without appointments others can?ǨѢt?Ǩso ASK
a. ENT is hard to get an appointment for ?Ǩ well, like at other installations.
b. Family Practice: call early and you can get an appointment the same day. Docs are generally on time, staff is nice. c. Facility is new and bright.
d. Pharmacy is p-a-c-k-e-d. I?ǨѢve had 200 ppl ahead of me?Ǩnot fun. Recently, they have changed their system and
the waiting time was cut tremendously. Good time to pick up meds are Saturday mornings or weekdays evening.
e. I know that a few patient/families are being contracted out to other family clinics. Not quite sure which ones.
Special Needs:
My daughter as well as the other children have been accommodated in the Continuity Clinic. One doc for as long as either the doc or YOU are there. The physicians we had were very knowledgeable and for the first time in our military career the physicians actually helped me and reminded me of all the regular appointments that my daughter needed. Very nice and especially supportive.
I like Madigan and the facility. With all the deployments..they are strapped with physicians.

?Ǩ Dentist in Olympia:
Dr. Austin Smith, Yelm Hwy, Olympia, takes Tricare. Pediatric Dentist in Olympia:
Dr. Allinder good for regular kids check ups, takes Tricare. Right next to Dr. Austin Smith, very convenient.

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