Minot AFB

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Hayley L says:
May 26, 2011 at 2:37 pm

Housing on installation?

When we moved here in 2007, the housing situation was no where near as bad as it is now, and we still had to live in a hotel for 2 months before we got a house. There are few if any pet friendly rentals, and with all the oil in the area, there is hardly anywhere to buy, rent or live at all! You?ǨѢre lucky to get a hotel room in this town most of the time I think, so if you get orders get a plan in place right away, or you may arrive here homeless. On base housing is very nice from my experience. Base is 15 minutes from town, so a bit isolated, but worth it to me. You won?ǨѢt be able to find anything in town within BAH from my understanding.

Housing off installation? Apartments, if you can find one, far exceed BAH and are not pet friendly.The housing market is in extremely high demand with extremely low supply. In the winter time, the commute to base can be very dangerous.

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