NAS Jacksonville

Base Name:  Naval Station Jacksonville, FL

Base City:  Jacksonville, FL

Base Operator Phone Number: 904-542-2338


Family Readiness Center/Fleet & Family Services:

-          Address: Bldg. 554, Child St., NAS Jacksonville, FL 32212

-          Phone Number: (904) 542-5745

-          Website:


Cost of Living:

-          BAH/OHA: starting at $1038 for E-1 without dependents and $1359 for E-1 with dependents


-          Housing Office:

o   Amount of on base houses available: 430

o   Phone Number: 904-908-0821

o   Address:  Building 960, Ballard St., Jacksonville, FL 32212

o   Website:

o   Off-base/privatized housing

-          AHRN:


 Lodging: Navy Lodge NAS Jacksonville

§  Address:  6099 Mustin Road Bldg. 802, Jacksonville, FL 32212

§  Phone Number: 904-772-6000

§  Website:



-          Child Development Center

o   Address:  Bldg. 2070 on Mustin Rd

o   Phone: (904) 542-5529

o   Website:

-          Military Certified Providers off-base? yes, more info: (904) 542-5381


-          Elementary:  

o   Venetia Elementary

§  Address: 4300 Timuquana Rd., Jacksonville, FL 32210

§  Phone: 904-381-3990

§  Website:


-          Middle:   

o   J.E.B. Stuart Middle School

§  Address: 4815 Wesconnett Blvd., Jacksonville, FL

§  Phone: 904-573-1000

§  Website:


-          High School:

o   Robert E. Lee High School

§  Address: 1200 S McDuff Ave., Jacksonville, FL

§  Phone: 904-381-3930

§  Website:  


Medical Services:

-          Tricare region (West, Central, North, South): South

-          Address:  Naval Hospital Jacksonville, 2080 Child Street, Jacksonville, FL 32214

-          Phone Number:  904-542-7300

o   Apt Line: 904-546-7094

o   Info: 800-529-4677

-          Tricare: 800-444-5445

-          Website:

-          Hospital on base (or clinics only): Both


Things to do:

-          Water Park/Parks:  Gym Indoor Pool

§  Address: Located in the Base Gym

§  Phone: (904) 542-2930/3720

§  For info on the other pools visit website:


-          Gym/Fitness Center:

o   NAS Jax Gym

§  Address: Bldg. 614 on Gillis Street

§  Phone: (904) 542-3239/2930

§  Website:  


-          Base Vet Clinic: NAS Jax Veterinary Treatment Facility

o   Address:  Building 537 on Biscayne Street near the gas station

o   Phone:  (904) 542-3786

o   Website:  

-          Outdoor Rec: Mulberry Cove Marina

o   Address: Mulberry Cove Marina

o   Phone: (904) 542-3260

o   Website:  

-          RV/Camping Facilities and/or storage rental: Available Contact ODR


-          Bowling alley: NAS Freedom Lanes

o   Address:  Gillis Street in Bldg. 609

o   Phone: (904) 542-3493

o   Website:  


-          Library: None


-          Golf Course:  NAS Jacksonville Golf Course

o   Address:  Mustin Road in Bldg. 809 

o   Phone:  (904) 542-3249

o   Website:


-          Movie Theater: N/A


-          Hobby Shop: None


-          Auto shop: Auto Skills Center  

o   Address:   Bldg. 622 on Birmingham

o   Phone: (904) 542-3227

o   Website:


-          Local Attractions:

o   Anheuser Busch Brewery Tour:

o   Adventure Landing Amusement Park:

o   The Catty Shack Ranch Wildlife Sanctuary:

o   Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens:   


For more information visit:


-          ITT office information:  ITT

o   Address:  located in front of the Navy Exchange in Bldg. 953-A.

o   Phone: (904) 542-3318

o   Website:

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out of persons persons said post was helpful

The nearest college is FSCJ (Florida State College at Jacksonville). It's a good place to get your associates degree but overall it's nothing impressive. Their admin process to get you admitted as a student is PAINFUL and long. Lots of paperwork that other schools wouldn't even ask for and the idiots working there typically lose it or tell you different stories  about the status of your student admission. The campus is dead little to no student life but that's probably because most of their student body are Sailors going there for evening courses. It's simple in construction and interior design. The professors are shockingly supportive and personable. They all seem to have a great skill of making the material seem easy and stress-free. The credits transfer regionally accredited and military friendly. They offer traditional 16 week courses or quick 8 week courses and tend to have a very diverse class schedule to cater to your needs time-wise. 

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  • Reviewed by sailor

out of persons persons said post was helpful

there are a decent amt of LEGIT colleges available and alot of scam schools as well. be aware scam schools tell you the credits dont transfer and a degree from there could be worth nothing.

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  • Reviewed by MrSmithK